Why I Do It


creativity-396268_1280There are few things that bring more satisfaction than to: author a book that resonates with a reader; craft a message that inspires others to action; or produce a video that moves the viewer to think more deeply. There are few things in life that yield more professional fulfillment than to create something lasting from a simple idea. Creativity is my raison d’être.

As a public relations practitioner, author, technical writer and commercial and documentary video producer, I have spent my professional life honing and strengthening my ability to bring innovation to every project I work on. Through the Master of Strategic Communication program at High Point University and the many years spent honing my communication skills, I have gained the ability to incorporate the most respected communication theories with practical real world public relations practices and advertising applications. For example, I understand the importance of employing central and peripheral route cues to maximize the impact of a message on the public. Through the study of image management theory, I have gained a deeper understanding of the increasing need for organizations to not only reach out to, but also listen to their audiences through social media as well. I know the importance of being able to understand and analyze what they are saying. My training has taught me that while companies must embrace new technologies and social platforms, now is not the time to totally abandon traditional campaigns and practices. In order to maximize success, an organization must hold on to the ability to use them in tandem to optimize effectiveness.

Solid interpersonal skills, an ability to interface with individuals and publics of varying levels and backgrounds, along with the ability to conceptualize, write and produce communication messages across many formats make me an ideal candidate to meet any public relations need.